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When will I be able to schedule a call? 

Our agency is open Monday to Friday. We will be thrilled to chat anytime between 9-5pm.

Can I select more than one of the services listed? 

Yes absolutely! Once we establish our official priorities list, we will make sure to accomodate all tasks in a clear timeline based on the services you have chosen.

Is there an option for an hourly or day rate?

Since we love immersing ourselves in the creative branding process, we honestly prefer to not be glued to the clock. We will give a quote based on the project's needs and give an appropriate estimate as to how long we predict the deliverables should take to deliver.

What if I would like extra time for revisions?

That's perfectly fine! Please send us a request 3 days prior to the project's finishing so that we can best accomodate extra revisions. Based on time allocated, an additional fee may be incurred.


Reach out and I will support you on which of my services work best for your business goals!