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From the moment your brand is born, I can foresee how it will  look, feel, talk, walk, run and be. 

MY method for authentic brand representation comes from a pure place of wanting your project to shine in the sun and also be loved during the rainy days.

Together we step into a 'play' state in which we tease apart traditional parameters of how your brand should 'be' by shedding new light on where your project can truly go.

Founder's Story


Originally from London and now based in Baja California Sur, I have lived around the world in vibrant hotspots such as Tel Aviv, Brighton, Mexico City and Lisbon. With a diverse background in English literature, theatre performance and multidisciplinary art methods, I have cultivated a strong connection to storytelling whether it’s on stage, off stage or on paper. With 10+ years of experience in branding and digital marketing, I have consulted leading global companies across the music, fashion, architecture, wellness, hospitality and tech industries. 

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Enthusiastic, Detail-Oriented, Effective Communication


Authentic Copywriting

Whether it's composing from scratch or combing through and editing existing writing material, my Authentic Copywriting service is here for multipurpose copy needs on micro and macro scales. Yes, that's right - website, socials, decks, bios and more.

Shape your brand with compelling graphics from start to finish. The Graphic Design portion consists of moodboarding and eventually making the brand's fabric so it feels on par with your values and voice. Enjoy a refreshing logo, typography chart, catchy color scheme and template suggestions. Enjoy working with my in-house graphic design expert, Christine Lopez.

Graphic Design

Digital Curation

Once you collect your assets, you'll need to curate it all! That's where I step in. Through a mix of art direction and content styling, Digital Curation is that sweet spot where your writing and graphics meet and it feels just right. Think social media calendars, website presentation and any other digital platforms that require some curatorial love and attention.

Community Building

Concept Development

Thinking about who you would like to reach out to and connect with? Now that your brand is live and thriving, Community Building allows for your project to be embraced and well communicated by your desired network of ambassadors and potential members.Together we will explore conducting key feeder market research and devising strategic ways to engage with desired profiles for a strong, tight-knit community.   

Get your creative juices flowing in an interactive series of online or presencial Concept Development 1:1 sessions that open up the space for you to brainstorm, spar ideas and eventually identify exactly what you seek to emphasize. Our shared goal is to distill your brand's essence and develop pertinent concepts that ring true to you and your audience.


= Julien Beltzung (YokoO) - Satya Recs

"In the realm of brand management, Ty is an artist divine, crafting a symphony of content, so perfectly aligned. With every stroke of creativity, she paints a captivating tale.
Where brand values and identity dance in a love so prevail."

Ty's Testimonials


Elias Holtz, Weso Architects 

We love working with Ty and her team. She has an amazing, deep and creative mind that helped us a lot in terms of developing the brand behind our architecture studio. We call her "Magic words TyTy"



MArissa Sandoval, Biotic / REVOLVE 

"Ty is truly a master at her craft. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her bring our company’s brand to life through her words and vision. Our brand identity and close knit community have only grown stronger with her. I’m so excited to see where she takes us in the future!"



- Rose Biel

"Ty's artistry and organization is refreshing and fun to work with." 



- ISABELLA G.R, Innata Institute

"What an instrumental role Ty played in helping me set some new foundations for my work and stepping into the unavoidable autonomy I needed to find in order to grow.



- Briio collective

Ty helped me craft something so beautiful and so much more than I could have done on my own. She was wonderful to collaborate with and her language skills skyrocketed my brand.



{grammar}: stemming from the Greek word grammatikē which translates to: the (art) of letters